If you are a Millennial woman, you grew up in a time where female astronauts were normal, moms went to work, and yes, being President when you grew up was an encouraged career aspiration.

Then the Dot Com bust happened.  Then 9/11.  And then the Great Recession.  And we watched our parents panic and possibly lose a job, or delay retirement, or even go back to work after retiring.  You may have even had a really hard time finding a job after graduating from college or perhaps you lost your job.

We know that life is short and that working in a 9 to 5, or 8 to 5, or 8 to 6 job that we don’t really, truly love is not a life we want to live just so that we can get to age 65 and start “living” then.

I'm a sometimes runner, a health nut who loves dessert too much, and a personal finance coach.  I started "Change the Race" when I realized that there are very few financial coaches who "get" Millennials, especially women. I'm not your dad's financial advisor and you aren't a one-size-fits-all client.

You are in charge of your financial future and your LIFE.  You can have it all.  You can get paid to do something you are passionate about. You can spend time volunteering. You can work because you choose to, not because you have to. You can you live life on YOUR terms, and I can help you achieve that.