When to seek financial advice, Part II

My husband and I met with a CFP last week and learned something earthshattering...

We were doing just about everything right and there wasn't much to change in our saving and investing strategy.

Okay, so not exactly earthshattering information, and I can't say we were really surprised by what she had to say, but I guess I expected to hear something really insightful that we hadn't considered before.

On the other hand, it was very reassuring to have an outside expert confirm that we were doing right by our financial goals and that the financial knowledge I have acquired over the last few years was in line with her training and approach to financial planning.

I guess the only real change she recommended we make was in terms of our asset allocations.  Everything should be in stock mutual funds (we are comfortable with that level of risk) and she laid out an asset mix that reflects that and adds more international diversification.  We currently have 28% of our funds in cash accounts, which she included in this analysis, but that will be used for another rental purchase.

Individual stocks/Sector funds4%0%
U.S. large-cap39%48%
U.S. mid-cap/small-cap20%22%
International stocks7%30%