Achieving your goals may start with a walk

Inspiration isn't so random

What do you think of when you hear the word "inspiration"? A lightning strike? A fortuitous event that leads to a brilliant idea? Something you absolutely can't plan for? What if I told you that inspiration is something you have to seek, to work for. What if I told you that the more you seek inspiration, the more of it you will find?

My husband and I have realized that our inspiration together for our financial goals comes from walking. Long walks just to walk and talk. Over the years, we've dreamed together on these walks about what we could do in retirement - around the world trips, owning lake front property, spending our days as we like - and how we can get to retirement - how many rental properties we should own, ideas for books and residual income.

After our inspiration walks, we feel refreshed and reinvigorated. We feel more committed to the path we have chosen, our goals and steps to achieve them. Without these walks at regular intervals (at least once a month), the sacrifices we make to achieve our vision of financial independence feel harder and a Starbucks run more satisfying, at least in the short-term.

Intentional inspiration

So what are you doing for regular inspiration? Ask yourself, where or when do my greatest ideas emerge? Is it while you are running? In the shower? Right before you go to sleep? While you listen to a particular podcast?

How are you keeping track of your ideas? Do you write them down? Tell them to a loved one or friend? Blog about them, as I do?

Take some time this week to reflect on when you get most inspired about your finances and related goals. Then start making a regular habit of seeking inspiration to develop new goals and ways to achieve them. And don't forget to keep track of them!

I would love to hear about what works for you! Leave a comment below.