Mr. Money Mustache isn't writing for all the ladies

I am a frequent reader of Mr. Money Mustache.  I have learned a lot from his writing and approach to money and retirement.  But I have to admit that the perspective from which he writes and advocates for frugality is not one that I can wholeheartedly sign up for and endorse as a young, millennial woman.  In his latest post, he shares an email exchange with a reader's wife who had not bought into his world view.

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Now I get that Mr. Money Mustache has a certain brand of financial independence that works for him and many of his readers.  I could retire TODAY if I lived by his income standards.  But I don't want to live by his income standards.  I'd like to be able to enjoy a pedicure now and then and I don't want to spend all of my time on a bicycle getting around town, especially when I have young children and would like to arrive at events not sweaty.  I do want to be financially independent enough that I can drive a car that I really like (I currently have a gas-guzzling Tahoe), go on vacation where I like (and not be dependent upon bartering to get there), and buy clothes each season when I like.  I want to be financially independent enough to not qualify for welfare!

If he were not married, my husband would be happy with a studio apartment and almost no furniture as long as he had all of his books to keep him company.  Me?  I want a nice, well-designed and decorated home that meets our needs and is pleasing to live in.  Do I need a 3,000 sq. ft. McMansion?  Heck no.  But I do want the nice appliances and hardwood floors to go with my Apartment Therapy posts-inspired decor, and sometimes guys just don't get that.

So ladies, nothing is wrong with you if you want to achieve a life of pleasant financial independence.  Hats off to you!