Coming soon! Everything you wanted to know about paying off your mortgage

The first ebook!

I am excited to announce that I will be releasing my first ebook on November 17!  It will show you how you can pay off your mortgage in 3 years or less.  Guess what the title is?  Mortgage Free in 3.  I'm usually not that great at coming up with snappy names, but I'm a fan of that one!

Why did I pick this topic for my first ebook? Well, paying off our mortgage super-early was the biggest factor in changing our approach to money and financial freedom. Whenever people find out that we have NO mortgage AND a house, they are usually 1) impressed and 2) don't believe they can do the same thing.

I want you (and everyone who aspires to financial freedom) to know that what we did was not a fluke!  In 6 chapters, the ebook will take you through the reason to pay off your mortgage, the math on how to do it, and the every day strategies needed to pay that sucker off.

For a limited time, I will also be offering several resources to go along with the ebook at no additional cost.  

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