Going beyond 40 percent, together

I’ve been stuck for several months trying to find motivation for continuing this blog. Am I making a difference? Is anyone pursuing financial independence because of the resources and content I’ve shared? I don't do extreme early retirement or ride a bike everywhere I go. I sure as heck don't do couponing. What is my voice in the financial independence world? How am I serving readers who don’t gel with the strategies of those voices?

In short, I’ve just avoided blogging for a bit to see how that went. And to be honest, I’ve missed connecting with you and sharing what has been helpful for me in my journey to financial independence. 

Meanwhile… I started listening to the Rich Roll podcast and following him on social media. If you don’t know Rich Roll, he’s an ultra-endurance athlete and a vegan. And he didn’t get started until about 40. I'm a vegetarian, almost vegan, and also love/d running* so Rich and I get along really well.

I happened to listen to his January 2 podcast with another top ultra-endurance athlete named David Goggins. Goggins is a former Navy SEAL, among other things, and figured out how to break through his own mental barriers to achieve some remarkable physical feats (4,025 pull-ups in 17 hours, for one). Goggins also grew up in an abusive household, hates running and yet runs 100 mile races, and was obese for part of his military career. 

Through his ultra-endurance events, Goggins realized that our minds tell us we are finished when we are only at 40% of our physical capacity. We have to overcome our minds and our discomfort to achieve our personal best. That really struck me, not just for what it means with physical fitness, but also for how that could apply in many other areas of life. What would it mean if we pushed past 40% in our relationships? In our careers? In our finances?

So back to this blog and my personal goals. I need to push through the discomfort of sharing my very personal views on financial independence and how that touches on many other areas of life. I’m going to speak “my truth” in the name of being of better service to you. Because to be honest, I’m getting tired of some readers telling me they are doing their budget and being frugal because they don’t have HBO but can’t see how to get ahead when they make decent money. If that's what your takeaway is from me, then we've got some work to do.


Do you want financial independence badly enough? Then you have to make some changes. Make some sacrifices. And it’s not going to feel good for awhile. Because anything worth having is worth working hard for.  I'm going to push past 40%. I want you to as well.

Peace and good to all of you.

Financial freedom. From start to finish. For you.

*I'm still not recovered from a running injury from October 2015 and physical therapy hasn't worked. I'm wondering if I'll ever run again. But for now, I'm doing a big variety of exercises and strength-building to see if I can get my musculature to support my knee and hip properly again.